Hewitt Photography | About

We are a husband and wife photography team who have been working together for more than a decade. Our background in visual arts, graphic design and photojournalism helps us to bring a fun and creative approach to our photography. We love what we do and are always looking for better ways to make photos that are as unique and as interesting as all of the wonderful people who have become our clients.

Our primary goal is always storytelling. We approach our craft similar to the way a movie is made by choosing special sets of equipment and processing techniques to help our photos tell their stories more effectively. This includes using (and sometimes making) special lenses and color techniques. We also view every candid we shoot during our weddings as equally important to the portrait session images. No detail is too small or vista too grand if it is part of the story!

In addition to our work as photographers and artists, we have a strong commitment to helping others learn how much fun it is to be creative and how much it can enrich a person's life. We have worked or are working as instructors at several Bay Area universities in the Bachelor's Degree, Masters Degree and Extended/Adult Education levels. We also work with high-school age kids to help them learn art when art classes are not available at their schools.

Past publications have included Town and Country Weddings, the New York Times and C Magazine. We love being photographers and we think it is wonderful to meet so many interesting people through our work!