Hewitt Photography | Deer Park Family Portrait

Deer Park Family Portrait

February 05, 2018

For family portraits we range all over the Bay Area. From Golden Gate Park, to old growth Redwood forests in Sonoma and the South Bay and everywhere else in between we really are lucky to live in such a fantastic place. It is always a treat for me to work in our home county of Marin. This wonderful family is a very active one. They bike, surf, ski, ice skate and hike. I really admire their energy and love of all things outside. We agreed that it made sense to meet at one of their favored trail heads for the session. It was a chilly morning when we met up but that just gave me the opportunity to get some very sweet photos of the daughter snuggling in her mom's sweater.

AnnShih-Family2017-002.jpgAnnShih-Family2017-002.jpg AnnShih-Family2017-023.jpgAnnShih-Family2017-023.jpg AnnShih-Family2017-006.jpgAnnShih-Family2017-006.jpg AnnShih-Family2017-010.jpgAnnShih-Family2017-010.jpg AnnShih-Family2017-015.jpgAnnShih-Family2017-015.jpg AnnShih-Family2017-018.jpgAnnShih-Family2017-018.jpg AnnShih-Family2017-027.jpgAnnShih-Family2017-027.jpg AnnShih-Family2017-032.jpgAnnShih-Family2017-032.jpg