Hewitt Photography | Brittany+Martin The Ceremony at City Hall

Brittany+Martin The Ceremony at City Hall

March 25, 2018

Happy Spring! We are so looking forward to Brittany and Martin's wedding party later this season but first they decided to get married at San Francisco City Hall with their adorable son and best friend there in support. Now, I love City Hall. I love going there and knowing that not only is the political machinery of San Francisco running but also there is usually a really interesting art show, at least one yoga or zumba class, a bevy of schools and classes coming through and sometimes a beautiful event all at the same time. The wedding ceremonies at City Hall during the week are very sweet. One of the clerks once told me that they fight over who the honor of who gets to conduct the ceremonies and I have to say that they always have huge smiles and bring good energy to each ceremony.

Brittany and Martin were glowing with love for one another. When I met them I noticed their bright and sincere smiles as well as their obvious deep connection with each other. They were wonderfully work with. I guess Incandescent happiness makes my job a lot easier. Congratulations to them. I can't wait to see what the wedding will be like.



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